Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I've been looking forward to 30 for a couple of years now. Maybe people will finally take me seriously.

But obviously, not much has changed in the last few decades.

(highly attractive photo courtesy of my son, the aspiring photographer)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Bring on the T-Rex!

So last Friday I won tickets to this arena show called "Walking with Dinosaurs." I won them through a radio contest - I called on a whim, and I won them. I had no idea that people actually won those things. I'm glad I did, because it was pretty awesome, and the tickets were mucho dinero - I estimated our seats were roughly $60 a ticket before all of those amazing Ticketmaster fees.

The show consisted of giant, life-size puppets of dinosaurs roaming around an arena with an actor, who was playing a paleontologist, narrating the whims of science and history (supposedly - we all like to theorize about what really happened.) Frankie thought it was pretty great. I thought it was way better than having to go to something like princesses on ice. (We're going to avoid princesses as long as possible, for ideological reasons.) Besides, I was a dinosaur girl as a kid, so this was right up my alley!

Frankie and I, before the show. Frankie is showing everyone what a free ticket looks like.

Some random dinosaur - if you look, you can see that there was a tiny car-like structure moving the dinosaur; Juston figured that there was actually a person driving the car around, and then probably a puppeteer inside of the dinosaur moving the legs, tail, head, and creating expressions on the dinosaur's face.


Intermission...when I went to buy popcorn.

Finally, you make us wait until the end for the T-Rex!

T-Rex menaces a Triceratops and an Anklyosaurus.

On the way out....

I'd say it was a smashing success!

Saturday, September 26, 2009


For over a week, Frankie's been asking for a haircut. We tried unsuccessfully on Wednesday (we walked into the place and he immediately changed his mind,) but yesterday we had some time to kill, so we tried again. I was a bit nervous that he'd get in the chair and panic, but he was really interested in watching himself get the haircut. It's still long and he still has layers and he can still "fluff his hair," but it's no longer in his eyes and he seems much happier.



The biting of the toes

Really, this needs no explanation. Rather, it begs the question: why? I cannot imagine that Juston's stinky feet taste that good.

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Great Flood

If you've seen the news today, you might have seen cars floating away and people in canoes in the city of Atlanta. Yes, there's been some flooding; Juston's boss had to leave work because her house flooded. Luckily, we live on the south side, on a slope, and most of the major flooding is going on just north of downtown all the way into the northern suburbs. Our backyard is really 'mushy,' there's some standing water in our crawlspace, and Bridget won't go outside to 'do her bid'ness,' but other than that, we're nice and dry with electricity, so I can't complain too much. It's pretty much been raining steadily for about a week now. On Saturday the guys played outside for a bit and got completely soaked.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The saddest realization EVER....

And to set a record for the most completely useless posts by myself in a single day......

It just can't be true. You mean I won't get to eat ANY mellowcreme pumpkins this Halloween? This baby has GOT to come out before its due date. Skip the baby gifts; bring on the 100% processed, sugary goodness. I can give you my address. Seriously.

Kinda glad I wasn't around in 1972....

From a "New Era" article, October 1972; I got a good, nervous laugh out of some of these suggestions. I still can't believe they are real.
* Can you spot the offensive statements? *

P.S. Another disclaimer - since I went on a mission like 9 years ago, it's easy to see how ridiculous all of these statements are; let's just say that feminism in the Mormon church is a couple of decades behind the rest of the world. (We did have to wear makeup, and I had a companion who thought my short hair was 'too severe,' but especially the weight stuff is utterly insulting. I think one would have a hard time finding such an article aimed at Elders.) And I'll put up the link later so that you can read the entire article; I only posted half of it. Luckily it was just written by some random lady and not a church authority.

Suggestions to Sister Missionaries

- Exercise for a few minutes every morning; then eat a good breakfast and do not piece before lunch unless you want to put on weight.
- In some places you can save a lot of time by eating your hot meal in an inexpensive restaurant or boarding house.
- Make weekly menus and shop for as long a period as possible. This saves time and money and you will not buy as many high-calorie treats.
- When cooking, make enough at one time for at least two meals.
- Do not have a food fad where you eat the same things every day.
- Eat at least one hot meal per day.
- If you are one pound overweight, it is too much. Take it off!
- Instead of stopping at a bakery for a quick lunch, stop at the store and buy a yogurt, some cottage cheese, or some such prepared, healthy food. Carry an apple or raw vegetable to tide you over until dinner. (We always carried a spoon in our handbags for meals away from the apartment.)
- When invited to dinner you do not have to say you are on a diet; just take small helpings, no seconds, and cut down the next day. This way you do not offend the host, and you can still accept invitations to dinner.
- Never, never eat late at night! When you come home late after a discussion and you have not had time for dinner, eat a little salad or fruit and then go straight to bed and think how much skinnier you will be by not eating a large meal until morning.
- Chew gum only in the privacy of your apartment.


- Elders’ most frequent complaints are about sisters’ hair. Have a neat and easy style—not too short or it will look like the elders’, and long enough so that it can be curled on Sunday and for special occasions.
- Sleep on a satin pillowcase; this preserves hair style and also femininity.
- Do not feel that because you are a missionary you cannot wear makeup. Do wear a minimum, but do not go completely without it.


- Buy clothes that are easy to care for.
- Whatever your wardrobe or climate, put on clean underclothes every day (even if it means taking five minutes the night before to rinse them out).
- Do not carry one of those suitcase handbags that sister missionaries are so notorious for. Carry only the essentials in a medium-sized one, and put pamphlets or books in a separate plastic or leather case. (They will not get dog-eared this way.)
- Carry a combination rain-wind bonnet, some tissues, and a couple of disposable, scented towels in your handbag. (The towels are nice for freshening up during a day away from your flat.)
- Spark up those drab colors with scarves and bows.


- Learn how to make those quick, no-bake chocolate cookies for branch picnics.
- Do not ever slap or poke an elder.
- Expect and then allow elders to open doors, help into cars, put on wraps, and start your motor bikes. Do not ignore their efforts, but do not be obnoxious if they should forget sometimes.
- Have a BNTE Week (Be Nice to Elders Week) where you either cook something good or do something nice for your district. If you do this, remember that this week especially you must work like a whirlwind so no one can say that you borrowed the Lord’s time. Make it a top week in service and in work also.
- Always participate with the elders on preparation day. If it is something you cannot do, then at least be there to watch or cheer. This does wonders for mutual respect between elders and sisters.
- If you get depressed, set aside a little time that day to do whatever raises your spirits. For example, spend extra time on your hair, take a long shower, schedule a time for meditation, and then pray earnestly for help from the Lord. Lose yourself in the Spirit and work very, very hard.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The play-by-play

This past week we did a couple of very exciting things. Okay, so they weren't exciting, but they did get us out of the house.

On Monday, we went to Richard's Variety Store. Frankie lovingly refers to it as 'The Store' and constantly asks to go there. Every time we find a dime or a quarter, he asks if we can use it to ride the horse; we usually come out of the store about a buck poorer than we go in.

Riding on 'big Thomas.'

Okay, Santa, this is the first thing that Frankie wants to put on his Christmas wish list. Seriously. He LOVES this unicorn.

Riding the 25 cent horse. This one plays the Lone Ranger theme song, so it's far superior to the ten cent horse. One nice lady even gave us an extra quarter, so he got to ride it three times!

After preschool one day, we went to the dinosaur museum (Fernbank.) Frankie went straight to the Fantasy Forest and played for about an hour. This is a picture of him 'pollinating plants', but he wouldn't let me take any others.

The no photos, descriptive section using only words!

Wednesday was dance class. I actually had to go in for a bit because Frankie was being resistant. The other kids were so cute, they kept saying, "Frankie, dance!" I got to be in the circle for awhile and the teacher, Miss Amy, said that I have beautiful dancing feet. *snigger* Thursday we drove up to Marietta to buy some cloth diapers off of a lady. We met at a mall with an indoor playground because it's been raining for about five days straight. Frankie had fun, and I'm five Fuzzi Bunz closer to my goal of two dozen diapers before Ferb is born. I'm buying them used to make the smallest investment in my kid's poop as possible. I was gonna take a picture of all my diapers, but come on, who really cares? Yesterday was party day at our house - Abe AND Anna and Anna's baby sister Bridget all came over to play. Frankie was so pooped that he crashed on the couch after they left, which he never does. And today? It's rained non-stop since 9 AM, so we haven't done much. But I have a couple of pictures that will make it up soon of a couple of boys splashing in puddles. :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009


We ate well while we were on vacation. :) I mean, we had a kitchen in our condo, but who wants to cook while they are away from home?

On the first morning, the restaurant made Frankie a "Mickey Mouse" pancake. He went nuts for it, and in typical fashion, ate the ears first.

Frankie took this picture of himself with the baby after he finished up his pancakes.

Lunch at Bud and Alleys on Seaside Beach (you know, the town where they shot "The Truman Show.")

Juston, chillin' at the Sugar Shak. They had nostalgic candy like you wouldn't believe.

Frankie making a train from condiments and his drink cup, naturally. He looks pretty pleased with his creation.

And after lunch, the splitting of the giant Snickers ice cream bar.

Frankie got a $10 bowl of spaghetti at a fancy-schmancy place in Rosemary beach on our last night. He asked me repeatedly to take pictures of his 'big bites.' Yeah, I know, $10 for spaghetti. It still hurts a little.

Fancy bread!

The Beach!

So here they from last weekend when we went to Seagrove Beach. It's a great place, on the Emerald Coast, kind of between Destin and Panama City Beach. We rented a condo in a beachside complex as that's quite a bit cheaper than getting a hotel room. It's a great way to vacation on a budget because, let's face it, we're not exactly rollin' in the dough. Seaside is about a six-hour drive, and thanks to the GPS, we ended up driving through the backwoods of Alabama, quite literally. We went off of the freeway in search of gas, ended up in some farm town, and drove down one lane roads, and even one dirt road. Juston loved it. The beach was gorgeous. The weather was perfect. The vacation was much needed and if you live in Atlanta and haven't been there, I'd highly recommend it (or any beach on scenic 30-A, although some of them are VERY pricey) over any of the other nearby beaches. It's worth the extra two hours in the car.

Clear water....white sand....

Yes, we're already getting sunburned!

Burying an unsuspecting victim in the sand.

Diggerz on the beach.

Playing with Mommy in the water (ignore the 'maternity tent.')

More digging - this was a popular activity.

Yeah, he fell in the hole.

Juston's six pack.

This was the view from my beach chair. Ahhhhh.

Another hole.

Wet and sandy.

We saw this fantastic rainbow after a pop-up afternoon shower.

We found a children's block party in Rosemary Beach, about five miles down the road from Seagrove Beach. Frankie had fallen asleep, but we had to wake him up for the free bounce house.

Juston contemplates the European-inspired architecture at Rosemary Beach.


After it rained all Sunday night, we found a bounty of goodies had washed up to shore. (I also saw a sting ray when I was swimming in the ocean that morning, pretty cool!)

Playing hide-and-seek in the car while driving back to ATL.

Frankie asked today on the way home from church if we were going to the beach tonight. When I said we would go back next year, he got upset. I hear you, my friend.