Saturday, October 31, 2009


Harper was born yesterday, October 30th, at 12:51 PM, weighing 7 lbs 6 oz and measuring 19 inches long. She just couldn't wait until Halloween. :) She's got a head full of brown hair from somewhere and has dark blue eyes (we think.) 

I woke up at 7 AM having contractions three minutes apart. We took Frankie to a friend's house (thanks, Kembe) and went to the hospital, where things progressed quickly - almost a little too quickly. I was in a lot of pain and got an epidural around 11 AM. Afterward, I relaxed and went from a 5 to a 9 in about an hour. After 15 minutes or so of pushing, she was out! It was a fast, fairly easy labor with no complications.  She's a great eater and we already love her to bits! I'll update on the middle name once it's final and post more pictures later; the hospital wifi sucks. We expect to go home early tomorrow afternoon; I tested GBS positive, so they want to keep us for 48 hours 'just in case' as I was unable to get the antibiotics four hours before she was born, even though everything is going as well as can be! Juston says that I seem to be feeling better than I have in months and it's definitely true; I'm so glad to not be pregnant anymore. We're so happy to welcome Harper to the family!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The October backlog

We've done a lot of stuff lately. I just haven't blogged about it. These are for the grandparents - have fun catching up!

Frankie tried on baby Ferb's new legwarmers. He really didn't like them very much. 

We made Halloween sugar cookies; Frankie helped for awhile and then lost interest. I spent a couple of hours finishing them off. They taste SO good and luckily they don't spike my blood sugar too much for some reason. 

We took Bridget to the park and fed the geese some stale hot dog buns. This was also the site of a potty emergency. Luckily those are fewer and farther between now, a week later.

We went to a Halloween craft party at Anna's house. You will notice the lollipop in one hand.  Frankie said that his painted pumpkin was 'beautiful' when he finished it.

They kids also made slime. It was pretty cool, to be honest. It turned out just like that gak stuff we played with as kids. 

Last Saturday, we went to the world's cheesiest pumpkin patch. We'll be looking for another one next year. They did have a reptile house with lots of snakes and turtles for some reason.

We took the tractor ride around the Christmas tree part of the farm to the 'petting zoo.'

It's the only petting zoo I've ever seen that had animals behind barbed wire and a caution sign.

The highlight of the pumpkin patch was definitely the giant blow-up pillow. It took some coaxing to get Frankie on it, but once he did, he had a blast. 

Yes, they did have pumpkins. No, we did not buy one. They are much cheaper at Trader Joes.

In the afternoon, Frankie and Juston painted the door of our crawlspace to protect it from rain. This ended up with both boys covered in oil-based red paint. Olive oil and sea salt are the best way to remove said type of paint from the skin - there you go, you learned something new today. 

We dressed Bridget in a sweet wig and sweater. You can tell how she felt about it. 

And here's the only picture I got from the ward Trunk or Treat last week. He still insisted on wearing the tiny costume.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My life - infinitely improved!

So I haven't been a good blogger for months and months. I have a bunch of pictures hanging out on my camera. I will get them up soon. But my life is now a million times better because...


That's all for now. It's enough, trust me!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My belated birthday pic

I win the award for good bedhead :p

Juston traded his old iPhone in for a Blackberry, and that's what I got for my birthday. I must admit that it's kind of nice to actually be able to send a text message.

I can't resist

Okay so I'm still weary of having a girl. But the stuff *is* growing on me.....

The legwarmers are from etsy and the onesie from H&M. I could seriously blow big bucks on kids' clothes at H&M; good thing none of the adult stuff fits my body type!

And for fun, the last belly shot I took, two weeks ago.

People today are saying I look 'very' pregnant, whatever that means. As long as Ferb waits until Juston gets back in town. We've already got Frankie beat as he was born at 36 weeks and 4 days, which is what I am today.


My good friend Beth gave us this pug costume that she bought on clearance last year after Halloween; it was too small for her son. Unfortunately, it's also too small for Frankie - it's the smallest 3T/4T wearable item that I've ever seen. He still had fun wearing it around and thinks he wants to dress as Bridget for Halloween. Beth also gave us a duck costume that does fit Frankie, so we're trying to steer him in that direction. But if he really wants to be Bridget, maybe he can moonlight as The Incredible Hulk wearing a pug costume.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

what you see when you die

I know this is really old and that you've all seen it before, but I was reminded of it today and it brings a happy tear to my eye. (And yes, I should be working, but this is lots more fun.)

Saturday, October 03, 2009

heart craigslist <3

We found this vintage beauty on Craigslist; it doesn't look nearly as good in the picture as it does in real life. It was $40 and is solid wood, no particle board here! It also doesn't need refinishing or painting. Hooray! I have somewhere to stash those cloth diapers! (And the 'pink vomit' - thank you everyone for the hand-me-downs.) In the way of an update, I have five weeks left until Ferb's due date; she doesn't have a name yet. Frankie was born at 36 1/2 weeks. That's in a week and a half. Scary! I'm totally over puking (yes, it's back to daily) and gestational diabetes, so I'd be happy for this part to end in two weeks. And then let the sleep deprivation begin.... :)