Monday, February 22, 2010

Misuse of goods.

Not baby wearing - dog wearing!

Bridget - not so much a fan of this arrangement.

P.S. I'm a lady of few words lately. I find this even when talking to people; there's just not a lot to say at the moment. The drama has died down and we're just living from day to day.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


She has this uncanny ability to sleep anywhere, which she will undoubtedly lose by the time she turns two and it reverses as she decides she will no longer sleep at all. So sleep, baby, sleep!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Photogenic Frankie

Juston took these pictures a few weeks back. It took me this long to get on his computer so that I could share them with the world!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

What is up with this winter?

So all of you folks in the midwest are going to think we are wimps, but it snowed again. And when it snows, everything shuts down. Traffic on Friday night (when it was actually snowing) was so bad that it took me almost an hour to go 4 miles and Juston and I ended up dropping Frankie off at a friends' house up in town and going to the movies (Wolfman! Yes!) so as to not have to drive home. By the time we left midtown, there was no one on the roads and the snow was still coming down hard. We got probably three inches, which is pretty significant. And then, Saturday morning, we went outside to play. :)

The house on Grady Place:

Well, Frankie finally got to wear the giant coat I got him last year on extreme clearance.

Making snowballs.

Check my flow.

Bridget, expressing her feelings and firmly planted next to the back door.

Yeah. This hat is a great hat, but not such a good look for me.

Ice skating in the driveway.

Ice from a bucket in the front yard. Yep. It was cold! Juston also wants me to point out his nice PartyLite hoodie. He does freelance camera work for them and sometimes gets free stuff. Can't knock free, especially when it's lined and warm.

They cancelled church 24 hours prior to church, which was a bit too early as all of the roads were cleared by Saturday around noon. So we got a guilt-free day off. And the best part is, it's supposed to snow again tomorrow, which means another day at home. Hooray. I'm developing some serious cabin fever; now that the cast is off, I'm ready to go!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Harper loves you.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Harpinator

Ridin' in the car.

Hangin' on the floor.

Sittin' in the saucer.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Waiting in the doctor's office for our xray results.

Good news, the cast is coming off! Onto the table...

Covering ears because the saw is loud...

And here we go!

Cracking it open - like a nut.

I wonder what's in there....


Ah, memories

Of what is NOW IN THE PAST!!!!!

Frankie does the funky penguin, and then pushes Harper around in her saucer. It's kind of long, but a pretty good demonstration of Frankie moving around in the cast.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Man Can't Help Himself

My husband has a problem with stress buying. We've been stressed out, so now we have a new computer with all kinds of upgrades, and now....this:

Yep. We are buying ANOTHER house. This will be #3. Actually, we've been trying to get another house for several months, but since they are so incredibly cheap, they keep getting snatched out from under us. This one is a 'flip' - aka we will renovate and then sell it this summer or rent it if we can't sell for a certain level of profit. It's in the Westview neighborhood, which is next to ours and is also a neighborhood we really like. It's a great old house with a ton of potential that's been messed up a bit by other renovators. It needs mostly cosmetic work. I'm sure I'll give intermittent updates about it as we progress on this new project!

In other news, the Georgia Board of Education recommends that the Kindezi School Charter be approved! The school will open this fall with an initial enrollment of 96 students and grow to a capacity of 216 over the next five years. We are very excited - our kids will attend this school. It proposes a six students to one teacher ratio with differentiated learning based on the Socratic method and an arts and leadership focus. Basically, the kids will get one-on-one instruction since the classes are so small. Hooray!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Bubbles the Fish

So Harper got sick last week, it happens, it's winter, right? On Monday, I decided to bite the bullet and visit the pediatrician because, number 1, I love paying co-pays, and number 2, I know way too many infants that have had RSV this year and I wanted to rule it out. The doctor determined that she was wheezing and gave her a nebulizer breathing treatment. Well, it cleared her airways, but made her wheeze even more. Apparently that's how people with asthma react. Awesome! No one in our families has asthma, but it's carried on the same gene as allergies and eczema, and allergies run rampant on my side; we're going to have to watch for it as she gets older. As a consolation prize, we were gifted a nebulizer of our very own, aka "Bubbles the Fish." Bubbles gets to smother Harper's face four times a day for seven days. Trust me, this picture is not representative of how she usually reacts to the nebulizer; normally there's a lot of screaming involved (good lung exercise, at least.) Hopefully this will clear up her cough and we won't have to go back for further medication. On the plus side, she doesn't have RSV and acts normally most of the time (except for the hacking cough and when she's being tortured by Bubbles.)

A week from today we go to the orthopaedist to check out Frankie's femur. They will take an x-ray and if it looks good, we could be leaving one cast lighter than we went in! We'll see, I'm trying not to get too excited. In the meantime, he's learned to walk with assistance as well as do gems of dances that he picked up from watching too many episodes of 'Yo Gabba Gabba!' (I think he's older than the target audience for that show, but you can't really argue with a kid in a cast.) I'm hoping for a video of the 'funky penguin' soon.