Sunday, January 23, 2011

Everybody wants a...

...banana. the bathroom. share with a dog.

...with whom you will then share a bed.

Grandma Bait

Here are some videos for grandparents and those with a blood or by marriage relation to me and my children. I would give myself too much credit if I were to think that other people are interested enough in our mundane lives to actually watch videos of my children. But here they are for your viewing pleasure - my children dancing, once again, and Harper saying 'doggie' over and over followed by blowing a kiss. Adorable to the mother, tolerated by the rest.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sunday, January 16, 2011

More Ice Capades

We're no longer iced-in, but I figured you wanted to watch more videos of my kids riding in the laundry basket last Monday. :)

We forced Bridget to take a ride. She hates us.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


We're still here. We ventured out on the roads yesterday to the grocery store, which was in a pretty sad state of low stock. Things seem to be improving today, although schools are still closed and we're going a little crazy. Juston finally went to work, even though he's not sure if it's open or not; he's ready to get back to normal. And since you've all been dying to know, the gym is finally open and supposedly the babysitting will be open this afternoon, so I won't have to miss another training run this week. Hooray! The college has bumped the semester start date to next Tuesday, which is lame since I had a beautiful syllabus and schedule all designed up that now I have to butcher. Oh well. Go snow!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snowpocalypse, Snowmageddon, Snowtopia, Snowed in.

It snowed here last night. A LOT. In many parts of the world, the governments are prepared for snow and have plows, salt, etc., in order to keep things moving along. Not in Atlanta. The entire city has been crippled for over twenty-four hours. School was cancelled today and is closed tomorrow. Juston's work shut down, so he got a grownup snow day. We watched one of our neighbors spin his tires while trying to back out of the driveway. The freeways are giant sheets of ice. Needless to say, we went nowhere today. We did, however, involve ourselves in some cold-weather mayhem.

We forced Bridget to wear a sweater. And then Juston thought a bib would be a nice addition (edit: i can't believe i put "edition". smh.) to the ensemble. I'm pretty sure she hates us.

Here's a bad, low-light photo of the early stages of the snow at around 11 PM Sunday night.

Snow on the trampoline!

My face is half-frozen. This is my "I missed my first day of marathon training because of this stupid snow" expression.

Harper just wanted a wagon ride. I eventually gave in and pulled her along the road, which was basically a bunch of ice. (That, and she whined and gave me some stink eye until I caved in.)

The rosemary never dies!

We used a laundry basket as a sled. We make do!

Since we are low on milk and bread, we might have to pull the wagon to the grocery store tomorrow; it's only about half a mile away. Juston's work has already issued an announcement for employees to call in at 10 AM and find out the final status for tomorrow, so it looks like he at least gets another sleep in due to the weather. (Maybe he'll get the priviledge of staying home to finish insulating the floors.) And that's day #2 of marathon training shot since I'm not about to run on solid ice and I can't drive to get to the gym (not that it's open anyway.) Oh well! Might as well stay home and eat cookies. :)

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

New Year's Noms!

Too much information Tuesday.

Well, it's January. That forsaken month is upon us when it's cold and there's really not much of interest in the immediate future. Back to work, back to paying bills, back to trying to sell a house, back to scrubbing toilets. On the bright side, Frankie starts back to preschool in the morning. I decided that, to commemorate the start of the second half of the school year, today would be a 'kid day', where we did stuff that was pretty much designed for their entertainment, although I did sneak some laundry and a trip to the bank in there. For starters, we spent about an hour and a half at the zoo.

Harper really wanted to be in her 'ride' today. Every time I took her out of the stroller, she cried.

Frankie spent a good portion of the morning with his binoculars glued to his face.

"In all the world, my nest is best!"

He 'cheeseburger'd' for me.

This is the calm before the storm; she was scared once the train started and wailed a bit, especially in the tunnel.

I even splurged and let the kids ride on the carousel. Well, at least one of them had a good time, right? (There are no photos of Harper as I had to ride with her to keep her from having a meltdown.)

There is no photographic proof of our shamefully non-nutritive lunch.

After lunch, I took the kids outside for a walk/ride since it was such a nice day. It went fine for awhile until Frankie started to have a breakdown roughly half a mile away from home. It was a long walk back.

Harper gets the best deal of the bunch - no work involved!

Thanks, Santa, for the orange bike (Frankie was very adament about getting an 'orange' bike.) No thanks, City of Atlanta, for the terribly dilapidated century-old brick sidewalks in our neighborhood. They would be charming if they weren't in disrepair; as it is, they are terribly frustrating to a four-year-old trying to learn to ride a bicycle.


When we got home, Harper put on the binoculars and plopped herself into the green chair; obviously, she was quite pleased with herself.

We did some cape time; Frankie spent some of his on the floor, lamenting life.

Somebody get this boy some thumguards. We're seriously at our wits end with the thumb sucking; I'm mentally prepping for years and years of braces.

Happy January!