Saturday, April 25, 2009


Aw 'ell no. I can't believe I woke up to *this* a couple of days ago. I'm going to be the size of a beached whale by the end of this. Someone looks like they've been drinking wayyy too much beer.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I'm so behind this year. Normally I'm on top of this kind of stuff. Since I tend to hand out this information, today is free cone day at Ben & Jerry's! Enjoy your free ice cream. I might even try to get me some if we're having a good day today. :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter, since I haven't posted Christmas yet.

First of all, a couple of photos from the neighborhood egg hunt. Juston has more, I just have to put them on my computer, so they're still forthcoming. We did not have anything fancy like a bunny petting zoo or games, but the kids didn't care and had a blast. I think about 25 kids total showed up to gather the 500 eggs, so each kid got plenty - some even had overflowing baskets. The parent feedback was also really positive, so it looks like I'll be planning another one of these for next year.

Frankie and Diego are ready to go! (Diego's excitement was palpable. He was there when we stuffed the eggs and apparently he'd been on pins and needles for a couple of days just waiting to get his hands on some candy.)

Lazy eyes, but he was having a good time. He managed to get the hang of it and was gathering up eggs without any help!

Easter morning - the Easter Bunny, he did come.

All dressed up for church and eating the traditional Easter morning breakfast of m&m's. Doesn't he look smart in his fancy new church clothes? It took a lot of effort to get him something new to wear (shopping? yikes.) but since I usually only get him new church clothes at Easter, I wanted to make sure that he got something good.

Frankie was being mr. crankypants and would NOT smile for anything, so here's the best picture we could get.

After church he loosened up a bit and played with his new giant bubble wand. If you have kids, these are seriously the best. They require very little effort from an adult and make huge bubbles.

We had some friends over for Easter dinner. They brought already cooked steaks and potatoes, for which Juston was exceptionally grateful (the smell of food preparation literally makes me vomit, so I cannot be around any cooking, so no, Juston can't even cook for himself. We eat a lot of cereal.) He even exclaimed more than once 'real food at my house!' Poor Juston, throw some sympathy his way and then roll your eyes. They also brought over huntin' eggs, which were hidden in the backyard. This time, Frankie had the drill down. I think he got more eggs on Sunday afternoon (only one other kid) than he did on Saturday at the hunt. We're already developing his competitive nature. :)

We had a fun Easter. I'm looking forward to next year when I can make my traditional dinner and actually boil some eggs for coloring. We *might* color eggs this summer anyway if I get to feeling better, so if some random pictures of egg dyeing pop up in July or August, just humor me.

Monday, April 13, 2009

My Squishy.

Apparently we have several salamanders living somewhere in our backyard, and with all of the rain, they've been coming out to play! Frankie found this one, and wanted to watch it but was not interested in touching it. He then wanted to set it free, but he didn't quite understand that Mr./Ms. Salamander would not then come quickly back for more fun, aka getting sloshed around in some tupperware by a two-year-old.

Ramped Up!

We *finally* had some nice weather this past weekend - it's been raining for what seems like weeks on end. In fact, it resumed raining last night sometime. But our Saturday and Sunday were lovely! We took advantage of the rain-free days and pulled the tarp off of the skate ramp. I don't skateboard, nor do I have any desire to learn, but the boys had a lot of fun playing on the ramp.

My stubby feet and I were there, but we were lounging on the deck and taking photographs. :)

Bridget was also there, as usual. She is one fine lookin' dog!

An old man on a skateboard.

An old man doing a handstand. I've known Juston for about ten years and I had no idea that he had this talent.

Frankie's handstand, with a little bit of an assist.

Climbing to the top 'by self' - almost there!


I'm the king of the world!

Once at the top, it's time to slide to the bottom.

Good times and hours of entertainment!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Egg Hunt Tomorrow!

So I'm not sure how many of my blog readers are local, but I'm in charge of our neighborhood egg hunt tomorrow! If you are still looking for something fun and Easter-related to do tomorrow, please pay us a visit and get yourself some candy. Also, ignore my weak graphic design skillz. I hope to have some pictures to post from the event and from Easter (Frankie has some *awesome* plaid shorts), so new posts coming soon!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

In your FACE

Frankie gives a shout out and demonstrates the proper way to use a bubble gun.

(BTW, an update about me: I'm still really sick, the Zofran clears up a few hours in the early day, but by evening, everything is still coming back up. I've only had one blissful day of non-vomiting in the last four weeks. If anyone has any unusual advice, I'll take it. Otherwise, I've probably heard it, tried it, didn't work. We're hanging in there, watching way more TV than normal, and living on instant oatmeal and pop-tarts.)

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Baby Names - Name Badge Ticker

Yep, it's official. (As if all of the vomiting didn't tip everyone off.) I've been M.I.A. for the past several weeks because this one is doing a number on me - I've been quite sick for a few weeks now and I've lost eight pounds already since becoming pregnant. I'm going to pick up some Zofran today - fingers crossed that it offers some relief! I also promise not to make this blog all about being pregnant - I'll complain over on Facebook. :) Just thought you might want to know. Oh - EDD is Novemeber 7th.

P.S. There will be at least one more post on this subject because I told my mom I'd scan in the ultrasound. But that would require me sitting upright at my desk, so I haven't done it yet.