Monday, February 06, 2012

Christmas Frenzy!

Here you go, mom - the long promised photos from Christmas that never seemed to make it onto the internet for your viewing. I don't have anything but present opening - sorry. I did a pretty terrible job of documenting the holidays this year.

Frankie seems pretty happy to have the Rollercoaster Fun!

Harper doesn't look at the camera, she just does her thang.

Christmas morning at Snow Grandma's house, minus the actual snow. What was up with that, Utah?

Yes, I got dog print jammies for Christmas Eve. Hot, I know.

Only on holidays involving Jesus do you get to eat giant marshmallows for breakfast. We'll be waiting patiently to eat peeps on Easter morning.

The girl literally rolled around on Minnie mouse for a half hour. She is slightly obsessed with all things Mickey Mouse.

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