Monday, November 07, 2011's all relative.

I ran my second half marathon on Saturday in beautiful Savannah, Georgia. By some miracle of all miracles, the course was flat, the weather was perfect, and I ran a 1:59:58 half marathon. That may not seem like much, but for me, that's well beyond what I ever expected I'd be able to do. I held my pace for two hours...and managed to just *barely* beat the clock. I felt so amazing while I was running - I definitely had a high and I was running along the edge and giving everyone high-fives; yes, I'm that dork.

My parents flew out from Texas to join us on the trip - they really just wanted to visit Savannah and the race was a convenient excuse. The condo I booked was very close to the finish line, so everyone came down to wait for my finish. They were somewhat surprised as they expected me five to ten minutes later than I actually got there.

No hands!

Harper and Grandpa. The kids absolutely loved spending time with their grandparents.

'Twas a bit chilly that morning!

Go curvy girl! I always feel kinda self-conscious at these events because I don't have a typical runner's build/physique/whatever. I'm short, I'm solid, and I have flab when I wear my fuel belt.

A little old man tied the thermal blanket around my neck, so I had to leave it like that.

Three out of four looking at the camera ain't bad.

With my mom.

Gotta stretch out those muscles!

The next half marathon is on Thanksgiving Day here in Atlanta. It will be very laid-back, though, because I'm running with two other women from my neighborhood (aka the Westview/West End Vertically-Challenged Ladies' Running Society.) After that, a break from racing until the holidays are over.

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