Saturday, April 23, 2011


mas huevos!

It's been a long time. I admit it. I've been busy, sometimes, anyway. I thought about stopping, but I can't shut the blog down - that would be like giving up on an ongoing project that is on the train to nowhere or something like that.
So what's new? Things have been down, they've been up, we've been digging in the dirt, getting all spring-ed-out. I'm still set to run the marathon and still would be considered for the fat girl category in that Salt Lake marathon. I went running with a friend this morning and she, who is terribly thin, thought it was very offensive that they would even separate out those categories. Next week we will see if 26.2 miles kills the fat girl. If it does not, I can write my manifesto on the topic - which I composed over about eight miles of speed drills a few weeks ago. Until then - run, fatty, run! :)

What have we been up to? We've been to the park, zoo, museum, doing renovating at our house, working in the garden (growing peas, tomatoes, basil, and cucumbers this year), working, working and more working (tons of freelance lately, picked up a fourth class this semester, and an extra day at drop-in - I have no idea why), and playing at the house. F got bunkbeds because, you know, he's a big kid now. He loves to climb up into his bed and listen to audiobooks (thanks, library!) He's had some adventures in dressing himself, with the wardrobe staple of choice being sweatpants because, as he says, his legs might sweat. *sigh* We toured the newly remodeled Atlanta Mormon temple and F's comment was "I don't like this because I'm a kid! When I'm a grownup, I will like it, but it's boring and I'm a kid!" Yup, he gets it. We also got our kindergarten enrollment packet, which is kind of surreal. Both kids in school next year - huzzah! Dedicated work time for mommy.

This year we had the 'annual' egg hunt, which is basically a great egg pick-up, where the eggs are littered about in the park and kids go crazy. I estimate that we had about 1000 eggs and roughly 50 kids, so a decent turnout, although I will admit I was hoping to improve on last year's numbers. Maybe next year! Overall it was a success and I'm pretty sure that everyone had a good time.