Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's already Christmas?

Blue tinsel tree


Yes, that's our tree this year. Chrys was kind enough to get it for us when we told her we weren't doing a tree with buying the house and whatnot. Normally I'm against such Christmas stuff before December, but with the family in town, we managed to get a jump on things. We also went to Stone Mountain Christmas with Juston's family and decided that we needed to traumatize Frankie early this year by making him sit on a strange man's lap after his bedtime and after eating copious amounts of cotton candy. Poor child.

Mini "Ben 10"

A couple of weeks ago, we went to the premiere of the Ben 10 movie, "Race Against Time." (Ben 10 is a popular show on Cartoon Network.) Juston is an editor for CN.com, and did some of the web stuff for the movie, so we were invited and decided to take the nut along with us for fun. Juston made Frankie's little Ben 10 t-shirt, which was the hit of the party. Needless to say, I spent most of the 80 minute running time chasing a toddler around the movie theater. Frankie's recently gotten really good at walking and had a hard time sitting still!

Frankie's cartoon alter-ego:

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Nobody puts baby in a corner.

Except for baby. Baby can put himself in the corner.

(Do you notice a no pants theme running through some of these photographs?)

Why not?

There's a website for everything these days. What's next?

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Frankie loves iPhone

Juston has a new love in his life. It is his iPhone. He actually let Frankie play with it one day; here are the photos.

Ooooh touch-screen buttons. Love those buttons.

Friday, November 16, 2007

The Pipettes

Last Friday night, Juston and I saw The Pipettes at Vinyl. It was an awesome show. The Pipettes are a girl group from the UK that sings 50's throwback style music. Watching them, I felt as if I'd missed my calling in life. I should've formed a girl group! If only I were still 19 and British...I had Juston take a few pics and this short video since, well, I'm too short to really get anything good in a group of generally taller people. Enjoy!

Here's a video of them at Criminal Records here in Atlanta last Friday. Had I known this was going on, I would've cancelled my trip to Ikea for shelves! Frankie probably would've been nuts, but I think he would've liked it.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Bad dog!

Well, except that it's not a dog banished to that crate...and that child looks awfully happy to be in it...Frankie's discovered Bridget's bed. He just loves to climb in there and gives the biggest smiles. I promise that I don't lock him up when he gets on my nerves, even though I might want to sometimes!

And just for fun, a photo from a few weeks ago; in true Frankie fashion, a cookie in each hand and no pants! Hooray for excess!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Under Contract

Well, they took our offer of $96k with us paying closing costs. So it looks like we're almost under contract! If anyone would like to rent my house or knows of anyone who's looking for a great 2/2 on the MARTA line in a pretty decent neighborhood (we have lots of fantastic neighbors), let me know! We're going to charge $950 a month, which includes the alarm system (we'll bundle that in) and we're leaving the washer/dryer. Pet friendly - fenced-in backyard! Plus there's a detached one car garage with a storage room/office in the back of it. We'll also consider a month to month lease for those of you with uncertain plans for the next year! Yes, can you tell we're looking for a lease agreement? It changes the kind of loan we can take out if we have a renter in place when we close at the end of the month. Did I mention that our house has an adorable screened-in porch and a roommate floorplan? :)
Also, if anyone has any general contractor recommendations, we're looking for one.
Thanks and wish us luck!

Monday, November 05, 2007

The zoo!

Last week, we went to the zoo with our friend and her kids. Here's a few pics from our day!

Frankie tried to climb the fence to get to the giraffe on the other side.

The nest!

Here I am in the nest, back when I was pregnant....

And here I am with the baby, two years later!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Trick or Treat on Turner Street 2007

Every year, Turner puts on a big Halloween-themed to do for all of the employees and their families and whoever else from the surrounding area can sneak in. I suppose it's easier to celebrate Halloween than to try and be all-inclusive with all of the other holidays that have religious undertones. Anyway, this year we spent a good portion of our time there in the toddler zone, a place roped off and filled with plastic walking toys and big wheels. Here's Frankie in action, only hindered slightly by his costume.

Lost your neck there, little guy.

Frankie in the pumpkin patch. He held onto that little pumpkin with the death grip and wouldn't let go.

Frankie with his TCM pirate mateys Andrew and Brittany. (Notice he's still holding the pumpkin.)

Happy Belated Halloween!

I've been slower at updating my blog lately; I think I was preoccupied last night with not only a fussier than usual child, but with making sure that I got to watch America's Next Top Model. Did anyone else notice that they did their recap show early this 'cycle'? They probably didn't want to compete with all of the various versions of the Halloween film series playing on every other channel. We were invited to two Halloween parties last night, but we decided to stay home and try our hand at giving out candy to the usual groups of teenagers that 'forget' to wear costumes. (That, and putting in an offer on a house is probably enough excitement for one night. We'll keep ya posted.) Only one over-eager child actually walked right through the door into our house while Trick-or-Treating, which isn't too bad. And Bridget was too weighed down by her costume to make a break for it.

Behold the Halloween happenings at our home!